Leases and Agreements

Leases and Agreements

Many Australian businesspeople are entering into commercial leases and agreements on daily basis and it is a big commitment that needs a high quality lawyer with extensive experience.

A commercial lease is an agreement between landlord and the tenant. Further, a commercial lease can be defined as a document that clearly outline the rights and obligations of the owner of a commercial property (known as the landlord or lessor) and a third party that has agreed to occupy the property (known as the tenant or lessee).


At Senferd Lawyers we provide following services on Leases and Agreements:

For Landlord

  • Prepare lease agreements to reflect your commercial and legal interest and tailored to meet your specific requirements.
  • Prepare disclosure statement for your property (a disclosure statement is a document that outlines important information and details about the lease).
  • Advice and negotiate of any lease disputes on behalf of landlord.
  • Advice on breach of lease for landlords.

For tenants

  • Review and advise on leases and agreements.
  • Review and advise on discloser statement and negotiate terms and conditions of the agreement and introduce new clauses (if needed) to maximize your benefits.
  • Advise and negotiate of any lease disputes on behalf of tenant.
  • Advice on breach of lease for tenants.