Family Law

At Senferd Lawyers, we can help you with all aspects of family law such as:


Family Law

Divorce or separation can be a very stressful time for all involved. At Senferd Lawyers we aim to provide you with the service according to your needs when facing difficult relational matters. Our main aim is to help you to resolve your matters as quickly as possible or in many cases we have settled without the need of legal proceedings in family court.

  • Divorce: preparation of the divorce application, filling of the documents and attendance at the hearing (if needed).

  • Property settlement and division of assets: will advise on how to divide assets such as real estate (current home and any investment properties), how to split superannuation & other assets such as market shares and other investments.

  • Child custody disputes: arranging agreements related to parental responsibility such as live with and spend time arrangements. Further, we can help you to create agreements on travel abroad, relocation and name change.

  • Binding financial agreements: advice and prepare agreements on division of property, finances and debts in case of a marriage/relationship breakdown. This can be done before/during or after relationship breakdown.

  • Child support: arrangements will be made in regards to the financial support of the child/children, liaising with the child support agency throughout the process and reviews appeals against child support assessments.

  • Spousal and de facto maintenance: advice and representation for issues relating with financial maintenance for former partner after the relationship breakdown.

  • Restraining orders: advice and representation in reference to domestic violence, harassment, stalking or sexual assault.

  • Consent orders (written agreements that are finalized and approved by the court): prepare consent orders in relation to the transfer or sale of property, splitting of superannuation and spousal maintenance.